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Professional Massage Therapy Can:· Assist in relaxation of tired or overused muscles· Provide tension relief· Improve overall wellness· Improve circulation· Alleviate low-back pain· Provide shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers· Ease medication dependence· Pump oxygen into organs and tissues· Improve skin· Increase joint flexibility· Relieve migraine pain· Reduce spasms and cramping· Promote tissue regeneration (reduces scar tissue & stretch marks)· Athletes can recover from strenuous workouts· Lessen depression and anxiety· Reduce post surgery adhesions and swellingNEW: Weight Loss & Anti-Aging treatments using Electronic Cavitation & Radio Frequency techniques.?DO THIS TODAY so you will feel better tomorrow?One hour massage ONLY $45?..Ask about my discount for repeat customers Call Marie at 239-440-XXXX to book appointment TODAY Or: Shalis Brow Threading Salon & Spa (239) 257-XXXX Cape Coral, FL